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Speaking of Azure Active Directory. Azure Active Directory lets you easily domain-join and manage Windows 10 devices. Together with Intune, Active Directory lets you restrict data privileges, and even restrict and monitor network access using a conditional access feature The main difference in this scenario compared to Pass-Through Authentication is that Azure AD Connect synchronizes a hash of the hash of a user's password from an on-premises Active Directory instance to Azure AD. The SHA256 password data stored in Azure AD--a hash of the original MD4 hash--is more secure than what is stored in Active Directory

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Make sure users who deploy Azure AD-joined devices by using Intune and Windows are members of a group included in MDM User scope. Use the default values in the MDM Terms of use URL, MDM Discovery URL, and MDM Compliance URL boxes, and then select Save. Increase the computer account limit in the Organizational Unit. The Intune Connector for your Active Directory creates autopilot-enrolled computers in the on-premises Active Directory domain Intune Connector and Azure AD Connect on the same computer Has anyone installed both on the same server successfully? I have exactly 1 server that isn't an exchange or DC and trying to setup NDES connector, application proxy, intune connector for active directory and I've had zero luck Ensure the OU you are joining devices to via the connector is also syncing to Azure AD. Otherwise, leave the OU field blank in the configuration policy and the device will go straight into the computers OU. Here's the quick and dirty: Straight from the Intune porta Particularly, once Azure AD Connect is installed and on-premises accounts are synced with Azure, customers find that their Active Directory managed devices are missing from Azure AD. And, of course, this means that Intune can't see and manage these devices Intune communicate with Intune AD connector. Intune AD connector installed in your on-premise server for offline domain join blob. Intune AD connector communicate with AD and create offline domain join blob. AD connector sent back the offline domain join blob to Intune. Intune sent the offline domain join blob to the device

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Installing the connector is relatively simple assuming you have the right network access and permissions. Really it's a download, install, sign-in approach then you're done. The steps are here though. First, sign into the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center (aka.ms/memac) Now browse to Devices, Enroll Devices. Select Intune Connector for Active Directory; Now click on the add button to add a new connector Hi all, We want to use Autopilot with Hybrid Azure AD join and we need to install the inTune connector for AD. We want to spare a server and mutualize if possible with an existing server. Can we install this connector on one DC or AAD Connect server (with PTA agent), both are Windows 2019 OS

Azure AD Best Practice: Using Azure AD Connect Standby for Redundancy and Failover Rod Trent Active Directory , Azure , Identity October 7, 2019 October 7, 2019 2 Minutes My big focus for Azure at Microsoft is in administration and identity #Microsoft #Azure #AzureAD #MicrosoftIntuneAzure AD Devices vs Microsoft Intune Device This video covers a brief comparison between AzureAD device and Micros.. Connect on the server to host the Intune Connector; Browse to Azure Portal/Intune/Device Enrollment/Windows Enrollment/Intune Connect for Active directory(Preview) Click on Add and select Download the on-premise Intune Connector for AD; Run the ODJConnectorBootstapper.exe, check the I agree and click Instal Is Azure AD Connect required when use Autopilot hybrid azure AD join via intune? I've set up hybrid before using AADC and I almost have this working but i had to manually create the necessary SCP record (not mentioned in this article below) and now i'm stuck at the issue below that. I'm not · By definition, hybrid Azure AD Domain join. My understanding is, that your device is joining Azure Active Directory first and is then registered for Intune MDM automatically, while at the same time, the Intune Connector makes sure, the object is also being created and joined to your on-premise infrastructure. Why do I need to have Azure AD Connect running somewhere on-premise for that

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Despite what the other commenters have said, yes Azure AD and Intune will do everything an onPrem DC will, just better. I consolidated 16 seperate domains and associated Group Policies into a single Azure AD environment and used Intune to replace Group Policy. Yet to find a policy that it cannot do that legacy GP can Whereas Azure AD registration and Intune management work with macOS, iOS, and Android, Azure AD join requires a Windows-based client or server system. Listen up, this is important: on Azure AD joined devices, the user must sign in to the device with their Azure AD account only Intune and Azure AD Premium Hi, I use Office 365 Business Premium. Can I use Intune to manage mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) without Azure AD Premium? If not, what are the benefits when I add AAD Premium? This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you. Enter in your global administrator credentials to connect to Azure AD and then click Next. Click the Configure Hybrid Azure AD Join and then click Next. Select Windows 10 or later domain-joined devices and then select Next. Select your ADDS forest, authentication service and then provide a enterprise administrator. Once you are ready to configure, select Configure. Set up Intune Hybrid Connector Prerequisite Probably not the answer you are looking for, but I would open a support ticket with MS support to make them aware. You can do that from within the Intune portal in Azure. The language issue is the only known issue I'm aware of. I have tried to install the connector on a lot of server, and I haven't had any issues

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The Cloud Connector automates many of the steps that are required when you manually configure integration as documented in Integrate Jamf Pro with Intune for compliance. When you set up the Cloud Connector: Set up automatically creates the Jamf Pro applications in Azure, replacing the need to manually configure them #Intune #IntuneMDM #MDM #MobileDeviceManagementOnboard Hybrid Azure AD Joined Devices to IntuneWhat are prerequisites?How it works?What will be the benefits.

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When using Azure AD Hybrid Join with Windows Autopilot the «Intune Connector for Active Directory» is closing the gap between your on-premise Active Directory and Azure AD. It provides the domain join functionalities to your devices. This process works great, but as soon you start using it you have more requirements. This can be for example Autopilot computer name- Windows Autopilot Hybrid Azure AD Join. After a few minutes, Windows 10 machine gets offline domain join blob from Intune. After offline domain join (in Windows Autopilot Hybrid Azure AD Join scenario), computer record in Intune console gets updated as per the defined Computer naming template Azure AD Connect is a synchronization service between your on-prem active directory and Azure Active Directory. It effectively allows you to use your internal AD accounts to authenticate to external applications using SSO. It differs from ADFS in that the accounts are actually synced out to AAD. Think of it as an identity pump The first video of the video series about integrating ClearPass with various components of Microsoft, such as Intune and Azure Active Directory.The first vid.. You can also use the Cloud Connector to connect multiple Jamf Pro instances to a single Azure AD tenant. Log in to Jamf Pro. In the top-right corner of the page, click Settings. Click Global Management. Click Conditional Access . Navigate to the macOS Intune Integration tab, and then click Edit

Step 4: Register your Active Directory Connector. After you have created an Active Directory connector, you need to register it with the WorkSpaces service. This allows the Amazon WorkSpaces service to use your new Active Directory connector to join WorkSpaces to Azure AD DS. Open Amazon WorkSpaces at https://console.aws.amazon.com/workspaces/ Go to your Azure Portal, Click on Azure Active Directory, click on App registrations, then New registration; Input a name example Flow connector for Intune. Supported account types choose organizational directory only. You can also use any organizational directory, if you manage multiple tenants and wants use this app to all your tenants

Step 2: Configure Microsoft Intune to allow the Jamf Pro integration. In the Microsoft Azure portal, navigate to Microsoft Intune > Device Compliance > Partner device management. Enable the Compliance Connector for Jamf by pasting the Application ID into the Jamf Azure Active Directory App ID field. Click Save Since version 1.1.443.0, you can use Azure AD Connect with a group Managed Service Account (gMSA) as its service account.I thought it was time to show you how to configure Azure AD Connect with a gMSA. The problem with service accounts. We all use service accounts in our environments Azure AD Premium Conditional Access and Session Controls September 11, 2017; Microsoft Intune Data Warehouse August 8, 2017; Windows 10: Intune + Windows BitLocker management? = Yes July 11, 2017; Azure AD Connect Pass-Through Authentication - tracking sign-on activity with event viewer and Microsoft OMS June 1, 201

Tip: Capturing Devices to Manage in Intune Using Azure AD

  1. -> Apps and click on Get More Apps. Search for Intune and click Install; Enter the Freshservice and Intune details and click Verify
  2. Microsoft Intune with Azure Active Directory Premium are powerful cloud services that replace your Windows Server Active Directory, Group Policy, Windows Ser..
  3. istration site (CAS) or on a server that is remote from the top-level site (that is, from the CAS or from a stand-alone primary site)
  4. Account; Navigate to Azure Active Directory; Choose App registrations; Click New registration; Set display name to SCEPma
  5. What is Hybrid Azure AD Join? Hybrid Azure AD Join is where your Windows 10 device is connected to your local Active Directory Domain and synchronized using Azure Active Directory Connect (AADC) to Azure AD. Why would you do this? This enables you to manage your Windows 10 devices from Microsoft Intune and leverage the offers from the cloud
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Windows Autopilot Hybrid Domain Join Step By Step Guide

  1. Under Devices and in my case the Intune Auto Enrollment Collection MDM Intune you can see my Hybrid Azure AD joined device BRAIN51. Co-managed is enabled. On the Hybrid Azure AD joined client you will see the following settings. That's it! Azure AD registered vs Azure AD joined vs Hybrid Azure AD joine
  2. Click on Join this Device to Azure Active Directory link from Alternate Actions. Enter Corporate Email ID and Password. Click on Next to start the Azure AD registration process (Enabled Authenticator) - Enter the Authentication Code. Click on JOIN button from the popup Windows Make sure this is your organization
  3. Configured Intune setup, users present in Azure AD and devices managed by Intune. The Network Device Enrolment Service (NDES) a PKI component, installed on a separate server or server (s) to the Certificate Authority. Intune SCEP (NDES) connector installed and configured on the NDES server (s
  4. Key benefits of Windows 10 + Okta. Extend Windows Hello facial recognition authentication to more apps and devices. Automatic join for Windows 10 devices to Azure Active Directory. Extend System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Intune device co-management to Macs, Linux, and various other mobile devices
  5. Co-management : A device that is managed by both ConfigMgr and Intune working together, cooperatively. A co-managed device can be joined to Active Directory (requiring Hybrid Azure AD Join) or to Azure Active Directory. Hybrid Azure AD joined : A device that is joined to Active Directory and also registered with Azure AD
  6. You must enable Hybrid option in Azure AD Connect. Without that the devices can't find your Azure tenant for a join. Configure Hybrid Azure AD Join via AAD Connect. Let's get started with configuring hybrid domain join using Azure Active Directory (AAD) connect tool. First of all launch the Azure AD connect tool. On the Welcome page, click Configure

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  1. It also requires the AzureAD module for ADAL (Azure Active Directory Authentication Libraries) authentication. It will attempt to download this module automatically if you do not already have it installed. However, feel free to get your environment ready by running: Install-Module AzureAD Installing the Intune Warehouse Connector Applicatio
  2. privileges) The Azure AD Intune ad
  3. Voraussetzungen für Azure AD Hybrid Join. Microsoft Azure Active Directory P1 oder P2; Microsoft Intune Abonnement (Ob es auch mit anderen Azure AD kompatiblen MDM funktioniert kann ich nicht beantworten) Intune muss mit dem AAD Abonnement verknüpft sein, das bedeutet als MDM eingerichtet sein; Windows 10 1809; AutoPilot muss konfiguriert sei
  4. Seems familiar and they have in common you're opening an outbound connection without the need of opening ports for external publishing. The connector framework looks similar to Azure AD (Health) Connect, Proxy and Exchange Connector, AIP connector, etc. Actually you can publish NDES via AADAP
  5. In based on the Azure AD Join action my Windows 10 device is registered in Azure AD as you can see below. From now on I'm also taking benefit of single sign-on experience regarding Microsoft Online services (e.g. Office 365, Intune and Azure) because I'm already logged-in on my Windows 10 machine with my Azure AD account
  6. AD Connector comes in two sizes, small and large. A small AD Connector is designed for smaller organizations of up to 500 users. A large AD Connector can support larger organizations of up to 5,000 users. With AD Connector you can connect AWS Directory Service to your existing enterprise directory

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Hi, I need to have distinguishedName user attribute available in Azure Active Directory and I can't find a way to sync it. Any help is appreciated.  Best regards, Alex · Hi, Per release notes for build 553, the Connector Space and Metaverse schema of AAD Connect are extended to support the flow of DN (users only) from on-premises AD to. Intune - deployment from Azure. Client Connector. skottieb (Scott Bullock) We have installed the Zscaler Ver through intune on Windows 10 Build 1809 (Azure AD Joined). I drop a post on how I deployed Zscaler Connector App with Intune using the MSI file with command arguments

When deploying Windows 10 Always On VPN using Microsoft Intune, administrators have two choices for configuring VPN profiles. They can use the native Intune user interface (UI) or create and upload a custom ProfileXML. The method chosen will depend on which features and settings are required. Microsoft Intune Intune has an intuitive user interface (UI We have some deeper integration coming for all endpoints in the future for Azure Sentinel through the standard ATP, DATP, and etc. connectors, but for now you can connect your Intune/Endpoint Manager tenant to Azure Sentinel pretty easily to get started sifting through the available data

Anmeldung am neuen Server mit AADC (Azure AD Connect) Führen Sie die PS1-Datei (mit exportierten Regeln) im PowerShell-Fenster aus. Dadurch wird eine benutzerdefinierte Synchronisationsregel auf dem neuen Server erstellt. Wiederholen Sie dies für alle benutzerdefinierten Regeln. Öffnen Sie PowerShell und führen Sie es aus Device writeback feature allows to writeback Azure AD Joined Devices to On-Prem and allows end users to use enterprise credentials to as well organizations to control policies on those devices. Pre-requisites Enterprise Admin rights on on-prem active directory. Global Administrator rights in office 365. Should have one or two device joined to Azure

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  1. g an extremely popular IDP as organizations move away from their on-premise Active Directory infrastructure and head to the cloud. However, Microsoft does not natively support RADIUS authentication with Azure AD. Below, we'll outline how you can set up Azure AD as a SAML application to enroll users for 802.1x using SecureW2.
  2. If mapping Azure AD UPNs to Cloud Identity or Google Workspace email addresses isn't an option, you can map users by email address. When you specify an email address in Active Directory, it's stored in the mail attribute of the respective user object and Azure AD Connect will synchronize the value to the Mail attribute in Azure AD
  3. account, and grant the required permission for the Jamf Native macOS Connector (part of Jamf Pro authenticating to Azure). Once this is done, you can test the communication between Jamf Pro and Intune by hitting the 'Run test' button

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The Azure AD Connector is basically a wizard that which combines all of the features of Azure Active Directory Sync plus the additional installation options in Azure Active Directory Connect Download Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect from Official Microsoft Download Center. Surface Pro 7. Ultra-light and versatile. Shop now. Users can leverage their common identity through accounts in Azure AD to Office 365, Intune, SaaS apps and third-party applications As we've previously discussed on this blog, Windows Server Essentials comes with the ability to integrate with Azure AD & Office 365, using the Essentials Dashboard plugin. It is important to know that this technology is very different from the more widely adopted Azure AD Connect. While there is nothing really wrong with the Essentials plugin per se, it should never be used in conjunction.

global-pps.co In this blog I will go through two specific products: Intune and AzureAD. Intune. Intune natively supports the 'Intune Data Warehouse', which can be used for reporting with all kind of tools. Nothing prohibits you to use a third party BI tool. But as we currently use PowerBI for all our reporting internally, I chose to use it for this bog Citrix Endpoint Management integration with Microsoft Intune/EMS extends the capability of Intune, Azure AD for identification and access management, so you need: Azure Premium P1/P2 subscription to EMS. This includes Azure AD and Intune. Microsoft Office 365 enterprise licenses to publish app. An active Intune instance in Azure After a few moments, your MTR will be joined to Azure Active Directory. Now we need to add our MTR to our MTR Devices group in Azure AD: Open the Azure Active Directory Portal > Groups > MTR Devices (or what ever you've named your group) Add our newly Azure-AD joined device into this group. Extra Steps if you don't have automatic enrollment enabled in Intune For organizations that are using synchronized identities for Office 365, the directory synchronization tool of choice these days is Azure AD Connect.To keep AAD Connect running you may eventually have the need to move it to another server. There are a variety of scenarios where this need arises, for example migrating to a new server provides the opportunity to safely upgrade to a newer.

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In this blog, I am going to show you how to connect Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) with Azure Active Directory through AD Connector. Once we are able to configure this, on-premises Active Directory users can be synced with Azure AD and we can use the users to use this for the purpose of configuring Hybrid Azure AD AD Connector cannot be shared with other AWS accounts. If this is a requirement, consider using AWS Managed Microsoft AD to Share your directory. AD Connector is also not multi-VPC aware, which means that AWS applications like Amazon WorkSpaces are required to be provisioned into the same VPC as your AD Connector Updated on March 16, 2021. With Microsoft trying to shift organizations to Azure cloud infrastructure platform, many IT admins want to figure out whether Azure Active Directory (AAD or Azure AD) or another cloud directory service is right for them. Specifically, for IT organizations that use cross-platform infrastructure, they want to know if they can join Macs to an Azure AD domain I can now see my device in Azure AD listed and enrolled as an Intune device despite not being inside of Intune itself. AADCA User Experience. As far as the user experience, you can watch the video that VMware already published on this as a nice example of how it all works

Azure AD Connect (AAD Connect) is a sync agent that bridges the gap between on-premises Active Directory and Azure AD. It's responsible for syncing computer objects between the environments. For more info read: Configure hybrid Azure Active Directory join for federated domains The Azure AD Connector requires that the domains and directories to be synced from Azure AD are not already established in the Admin Console with federation. If directory users do exist, you must permanently remove associated directory users, domains, and directories before the Connector implementation If you work with Azure AD and especially in my case with Intune and Azure AD you have probably seen Object IDs in the Azure AD portal on the user objects, group objects, or in the Intune log files. Here a portal screenshot of a demo user: Here a screenshot of the Intune Management Extensio When you specify an email address in Active Directory, it's stored in the mail attribute of the respective user object and Azure AD Connect will synchronize the value to the Mail attribute in Azure AD. Azure AD also makes the attribute available for user provisioning so that you can map it to the email address in Cloud Identity or cloudid_name_short

The Azure AD Connector is basically a wizard that executes complex configurations involving Active Directory Federation Services (part of Windows Server 2012), sync services and the Azure AD. Step 1. Disable the Essentials plugin. First, open the Essentials Dashboard, and find the Office 365 area. Click Disable Office 365 Integration. Step 2. Prepare SMTP matching & the UPN suffix. By default, Azure AD Connect will attempt to match accounts up based on SMTP address Azure AD join devices can be fully managed using MDM (mobile device management) service such as Intune or through SCCM co-management. Through MDM you can control the devices such wipe, restart, software policies for application installation and software updates Users can leverage their common identity through accounts in Azure AD to Office 365, Intune, SaaS apps and third-party applications. Azure AD Connect makes this integration easy and simplifies the management of your on-premises and cloud identity infrastructure

Once the connector is registered you will see it within the Intune Connectors option in the Intune Portal. We have already registered a device within AutoPilot. I created a new Azure AD group with my device in it and then started to create the AutoPilot Deployment profile. Be sure to select Hybrid Azure AD Joine I'm a simple person, and sometimes it just helps to have a checklist to refer to when you're troubleshooting rather than navigating the sparse pages of docs.microsoft.com. In this blog, I explain the prerequisites for the Hybrid Azure AD Join (HAADJ) + automatic (GPO controlled) Intune MDM enrollment scenario and the process from start to end, as simply and concisely as I can (not easy. Egnyte Connect's integration with Microsoft Azure enables you to leverage Egnyte's enterprise-caliber file sync and share while keeping your data in Azure storage. Direct Registration link for Azure Customers. If you already have a configured Azure Storage Account, contact Support to obtain a customized registration link Users can leverage their common identity through accounts in Azure AD to Office 365, Intune, SaaS applications and third-party applications. Developers can build the applications that leverage a common identity model, integrating applications into Active Directory on-premises or Azure for cloud-based applications. Why should I use Azure AD Connect If the Admin doesn't have a license configuration will fail when connecting Intune and Teamviewer. In the Azure Portal (https://portal.azure.com) go to Microsoft Intune > Devices > TeamViewer Connector. Click on Connect. Read the connector permissions and click OK. After clicking OK you can see the status of the connector has changed to connecting

Azure AD Connect is an excellent tool that allows your on-prem user accounts to be synchronized to your Azure AD / Office 365 tenancy. When properly configured, your users will not have to be provisioned with separate accounts to access on-premise and cloud resources Jamf Connect Login provides support for Microsoft Azure AD (Active Directory) and can be used to replace the standard macOS window with Azure Loginwindow. With Azure Loginwindow, you can do the following: Authenticate via a native app in Azure Use multi-factor authentication (MFA) and support conditional access Enable Azure AD and Azure DFS (Directory Federation Services Azure AD Connect is a Microsoft brand that is mostly about presenting on-premises Active Directory and Azure Active Directory in a seamless way, in particular giving users the experience of single sign-on, or at least same sign on.It includes a number of technologies: Azure AD Connect Syn

Hybrid Azure AD Join via Autopilot and Intun

Windows Autopilot now supports Hybrid Azure AD joining new Windows 10 devices while out of the office over 3rd party VPNs! Th is process not only join s devices to a Windows Server Active Directory domain, but also register s them with Azure AD Hi. I have a problem with intune device enrollment. I have multiple azure ad joined computer and the users have intune licenses, but when i look in Intune in Azure i can see all the computers under Azure AD devices but not in all devices under manage Windows 10 kann einzeln oder massenweise durch Windows Autopilot in Azure AD (Azure AD Joined oder Hybrid Azure AD Joined) und Intune (Device Enrollment) aufgenommen werden. Ab Windows 10 1809 bietet Windows Autopilot mit dem Intune Connector für Active Directory die Möglichkeit Hybrid Azure AD Joined Devices in Intune aufzunehmen Azure AD Connect will sync the disabled state to Azure AD. Service accounts. Service accounts will now get their password expired, which might be less than desirable. This is easily fixed by overwriting the accounts password policy in Azure AD with the following bit of PowerShell through Azure Cloud Shell Connect to Autopilot Intune - with your Azure AD admin. Connect-AutopilotIntune. Run the command to get the Intune Autopilot profile and convert it to .json. Get-Autopilotprofile | ConvertTo-AutopilotconfigurationJSON. Then you can copy the content of the Autopilot profile to notepad and save as AutopilotConfigurationFile.jso

Azure, Azure AD Add comments Jan 29 2018 I'm writing today to share about an experience I had hours ago, where the Microsoft Azure AD Connect software (specifically the Azure AD Connect Agent Updater) actually updated itself, and restarted the server it's installed on, all during production hours I have local DC, which I synced with Azure AD with latest Azure AD connect and set the group policy to ENABLE for Register domain-joined computer as devices. It register the device with Azure AD but didn't register with Intune. Under Azure AD, I set the rule to enroll all devices to Intune when join the Azure AD Have an Azure AD Admin Standing By: You'll need an Azure AD administrator with proper permissions to edit enterprise applications. Now, you're ready to begin using SCIM. If any issues arise, you can reference Apple's SCIM connection troubleshooting documentation

Centralize data storage and backup, streamline file collaboration, optimize video management, and secure network deployment to facilitate data management Microsoft has released a new feature in Intune called Intune Connector for Active Directory which currently is a preview release feature. This feature is used to join devices to the on-premise Active Directory domain (using ODJ - Offline Domain Join) and the Azure AD tenant within Intune, during Autopilot device enrollment

Intune builds upon Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), effectively extending its patch management capabilities by migrating every functionality to the Windows Azure cloud. Intune can be distributed via a web-based portal, being fully compatible with Windows 8 (Professional & Enterprise), Windows 7 (Professional, Enterprise. Intune portalen - Under Devices > Azure AD-devices will all devices exist and under Join Type, should it say Hybrid Azure AD joined and under MDM, it should say Microsoft Intune. Notes from Microsoft: When you have completed the required steps, domain-joined devices are ready to automatically join Azure AD

With Jamf Connect, a user can unbox their Mac, power it on and access all of their corporate applications after signing on with a single set of cloud-identity credentials. Account Provisioning Whether it's during setup or in day-to-day use, Jamf Connect ensures a single identity is being used to access a user's device and applications - without the need to bind to Active Directory Understanding how users adopt and use Azure Active Directory features is critical for IT admins. It allows you to plan your IT infrastructure and communication to increase usage and to get the most out of AAD features. The usage and activity reports in the Azure admin portal is a great starting point. However, many of you have shared feedback with us that you want the ability to further. In Microsoft Azure Active Directory you can publish web based (SaaS) applications and websites in a few different ways. The easiest way is via the Azure App Gallery, in that case you have added the application in just a few steps. If the application is not available in the Azure App Gallery you can add it manually. When adding the application manually you can either add cloud hosted web apps.

AutopilotとIntuneを使用したHybrid Azure AD Joinを構成する場合、Intune Connecter for Active Directoryをホストするコンピュータが、ドメインに対してコンピューターオブジェクトを作成する権限を持っている必要があります

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