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What is Cassandra? The Apache Cassandra database is the right choice when you need scalability and high availability without compromising performance. Linear scalability and proven fault-tolerance on commodity hardware or cloud infrastructure make it the perfect platform for mission-critical data Apache Cassandra is a free and open-source, distributed, wide-column store, NoSQL database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure Apache Cassandra is a highly scalable, high-performance distributed database designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure. It is a type of NoSQL database. Let us first understand what a NoSQL database does

Cassandra is a very robust and complete NoSQL database that is being deployed by some of the biggest corporations on earth such as Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, Cisco, and eBay. The following are some of the obvious features of Cassandra that clearly make it stand out from the crowd Cassandra is a distributed database management system designed for handling a high volume of structured data across commodity servers . Cassandra handles the huge amount of data with its distributed architecture. Data is placed on different machines with more than one replication factor that provides high availability and no single point of failure

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This is the home of the Apache Cassandra distributed database project. Some useful links: Project Homepage; Governance and Voting; Mailing lists and community; Project Documentation; github code mirror; Getting Started (User) Contributing to Cassandra (Developer) Apache Cassandra JIRA (development progress) Contributor Meeting calls and note Apache Cassandra is an open source, distributed NoSQL database that began internally at Facebook and was released as an open-source project in July 2008. Cassandra delivers continuous availability (zero downtime), high performance, and linear scalability that modern applications require, while also offering operational simplicity and effortless. Apache Cassandra is an open-source NoSQL database management system known for its high availability and scalability, Cassandra can handle massive amounts of data and provide real-time analysis. Unlike traditional databases, NoSQL databases like Cassandra don't require schema or a logical category to store large data quantities

Cassandra is a NoSQL database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers and provide high availability with no single point of failure. Cassandra offers very robust support for clusters spanning multiple datacenters, with asynchronous masterless replication allowing low latency operations for all clients Basic data structure Cassandra is classified as a column based database which means that its basic structure to store data is based on a set of columns which is comprised by a pair of column key. In Cassandra Data model, Cassandra database stores data via Cassandra Clusters. Clusters are basically the outermost container of the distributed Cassandra database. The database is distributed over several machines operating together. Every machine acts as a node and has their own replica in case of failures Apache Cassandra database is an ideal candidate as a modern operational database to replace an existing relational database for many applications. Apache Cassandra NoSQL technology is designed from the ground up to support always-on availability, scale to unlimited data and transaction volumes, and remain manageable as your application grows

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Cassandra database is distributed over several machines that operate together. The outermost container is known as the Cluster. For failure handling, every node contains a replica, and in case of a failure, the replica takes charge. Cassandra arranges the nodes in a cluster, in a ring format, and assigns data to them. Keyspac As Cassandra is a distributed database, so data duplication provides instant data availability and no single point of failure. Data Modeling Goals . You should have following goals while modelling data in Cassandra. Spread Data Evenly Around the Cluster. You want an equal amount of data on each node of Cassandra cluster Cassandra as a time series database. by John Schulz. March 23, 2018. Posted in: Cassandra, Technical Track. Tags: Cassandra, time series. When I think of Time series databases, my first thoughts go to my own experiences using a relational database to store time series data The cassandra function creates a cassandra object, which represents an Apache Cassandra database connection using the Database Toolbox Interface for Apache Cassandra Database Cassandra does not support aggregates, if you need to do a lot of them, think another database. Latency : Making excessive requests and reading more data slows down the actual transaction, resulting in latency issues

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  1. Apache Cassandra is an open-source distributed storage system
  2. Our research team curates content on trending topics in the areas of Big Data & Hadoop, DevOps, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Angular, Data Science, Apache Spark, Python, Selenium, Tableau.
  3. In this article. APPLIES TO: Cassandra API Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API can be used as the data store for apps written for Apache Cassandra.This means that by using existing Apache drivers compliant with CQLv4, your existing Cassandra application can now communicate with the Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API. In many cases, you can switch from using Apache Cassandra to using Azure Cosmos DB's.
  4. In this Apache Cassandra Tutorial, we will learn about what is Cassandra, what is NoSQL database and also a short introduction of Relational/SQL vs NoSQL database.. We will also learn about different Apache Cassandra features, Cassandra History, Architecture of Cassandra
  5. Cassandra and others are designed in a peer-to-peer fashion where all nodes in a database cluster are the same. The architecture of a NoSQL database greatly impacts how well the database supports requirements such as constant uptime, multi-geography data replication, and predictable performance

Cassandra Database. Payment Gateway for the Online Business. We will provide you the details of the payment gateway to your email Id. Just key in your details. We will provide you the details of the payment gateway to your email Id. Just key in your details Cassandra Database. 401 likes · 1 talking about this. This Consists of information regarding tp the Cassandra DB 's installation and configuration,.. Cassandra is an incredibly popular database that underpins heavy-load applications like Facebook. Today we will list even more reasons for adding Cassandra to your toolkit. Aside from being a backbone for Facebook and Netflix, Cassandra is a very scalable and resilient database that is easy to master and simple to configure, providing neat solutions for quite complex problems

In this tutorial, we're gonna build a Spring Boot example that use Spring Data Cassandra to make CRUD operations with Cassandra database and Spring Web MVC for Rest APIs. You'll know: How to configure Spring Data to work with Cassandra Database How to define Cassandra Data Models and Cassandra Repository interfaces Way to create Spring [ Search for Cassandra data model at Wanted.de. Check out results for Cassandra data mode Cassandra is a distributed database in which data is partitioned and stored across multiple nodes within a cluster. The partition key is made up of one or more data fields and is used by the partitioner to generate a token via hashing to distribute the data uniformly across a cluster Cassandra is a scalable NoSQL database that provides continuous availability with no single point of failure and gives the ability to handle large amounts of data with exceptional performance. This database uses a ring design instead of using a master-slave architecture

Cassandra Schema Compare & Synchronization. DbSchema uses its own images of the schema, distinct from the Cassandra database, which is saved as a model file. The DbSchema model can be compared with any database. For each difference, you can decide to merge in the DbSchema model, apply it in the database, or generate the SQL scripts. Read Mor Database Deep Dives: Cassandra. Welcome back to the latest installment of Database Deep Dives. In this interview, we caught up with Jonathan Ellis, co-founder of DataStax and Apache Cassandra PMC member. In this session, we talk about the origins of DataStax, when you should or should not use Cassandra, and future for C*

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Accessing a Cassandra database from a client application is easy with Quarkus and the Cassandra extension, which provides configuration and native support for the DataStax Java driver for Apache Cassandra. Quarkus is open. All dependencies of this project are available under the Apache Software License 2.0 or compatible license Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra is a service offering moderate management, elasticity, and instance-based pricing for Cassandra data. Go beyond traditional lift and shift by expanding your Cassandra workloads to the cloud and keep control over what matters to you Features. Support for Apache Cassandra database versions from 2.1 to 4.0, DataStax Enterprise (DSE) versions from 4.0 to 6.8 and DataStax Astra, Amazon Keyspaces for Apache Cassandra, ScyllaDB 2.0 and Scylla Cloud; Simple management of Cassandra keyspaces, tables, indices, users, user-defined types, triggers, user defined functions, aggregate functions and materialized view Cassandra is the most popular wide column store database system on the market. Initially developed at Facebook for Facebook's Inbox search feature, Cassandra was open-sourced in 2008 and subsequently made a top-level project for Apache on February 17, 2010

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  1. Set up Cassandra Database. Open Cassandra CQL Shell: - Create Cassandra bezkoder keyspace: create keyspace bezkoder with replication={'class':'SimpleStrategy', 'replication_factor':1}; - Create tutorial table in the keyspace: use bezkoder; CREATE TABLE tutorial( id timeuuid PRIMARY KEY, title text, description text, published boolean )
  2. You can use tab completion to see hints about how to complete a cassandra-cli or cqlsh command. That may be helpful to you if you forget the syntax. For example, just type show and then tab to see the valid show commands
  3. istrators on installing, configuring, and using the features and capabilities of Apache Cassandra scalable open source NoSQL database. Understanding the architecture. Important topics for understanding Cassandra. Database internals. Topics about the Cassandra database
  4. Cassandra is a much more stationary database. It facilitates static typing and demands the categorization and definition of columns beforehand. Conclusion: If you need flexibility in terms of schema, MongoDB would probably suit you better
  5. Apache Cassandra (NoSQL) database. Introduction to Apache Cassandra. Role of keys in Cassandra. schema descriptions in Cassandra. five main benefits of Apache Cassandra. changing the replication factor in Cassandra. Cassandra Architecture. Architecture of Apache Cassandra. Replication Strategy in Cassandra
  6. Then we can save that and extract a second field for the Cassandra database status. Follow the same steps as above but make the pre-context 'state ' (with a space after) and the post leave blank. This will grab all text after state and give us our database status. Save your second extracted field, and now we have two fields to alert on
  7. Cassandra is an AP database, which relative to the CAP theorem means it prioritizes availability and partition tolerance over consistency. Although Cassandra's original design was optimized for eventual consistency, the vast majority of implementations attempt to do quorum reads and writes in order to achieve stronger consistency

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Apache Cassandra database is a distributed, fault tolerant, linearly scalable, column-oriented, NoSQL database. Apache Cassandra is great at handling massive amounts of structured (table has defined columns), and semi-structured (table row doesn't need to populate all columns) data The Apache Cassandra database is the right choice of database if you are looking for scalability and high availability without compromising performance for your mission-critical applications Cassandra is an open source, distributed, and high-performance database for storing high volumes of data. In Pega Platform™, you can use this database to stage data for fast decisions or when you want to access data very quickly by using a particular key Apache Cassandra is an open source non-relational, or NoSQL, a database that enables continuous availability, tremendous scale, and data distribution across multiple data centers and cloud availability zones. Simply put, Cassandra provides a highly reliable data storage engine for applications requiring immense scale What they are missing is the core features they assume a database has, but are missing from Cassandra. I am a database architect and consultant. I have been working with Cassandra since version 0.7. came out in 2010. I like, and often promote Cassandra to my customers—for the right use cases

Today, we dive into how Cassandra models data: with an assortment of keys used for grouping and organizing data into columns and rows in the database Data distribution in Cassandra is very easy because it provides the flexibility to distribute data where you need by replicating data across multiple data centers. Transaction Support. Cassandra supports properties like Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability (ACID). Fast writes. Cassandra was designed to run on cheap commodity hardware There are many tables in cassandra database, which contain column titled user_id. The values user_id are referred to user stored in table users. As some users are deleted, I would like to delete or.. Cassandra is being used by some of the biggest companies of the IT Industry such as Facebook, Cisco, eBay, Netflix, Instagram, Twitter, Rackspace, eBay, and more. 80 million photos are uploaded to the Cassandra database every day on Instagram The Cassandra Query Language (CQL) is a close relative of SQL; Greenplum Database: An open-source massively parallel data platform for analytics, machine learning and AI. It is a massively parallel processing (MPP) database server with an architecture specially designed to manage large-scale analytic data warehouses and business intelligence workloads. It is based on PostgreSQL open-source technology

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  1. Cassandra is categorized as an AP system in CAP. Meaning it trades Consistency for Availability and Partition tolerance. When employing Cassandra as a metadata database for an object store, you can either be fast or consistent - but not both at the same time. Cassandra's tunable consistency is a compromise, not a feature
  2. Database internals. Topics about the Cassandra database. Planning a cluster deployment. Vital information about successfully deploying a Cassandra cluster. Installing. Various installation methods. Configuration. Configuration topics. cassandra.yaml
  3. Apache Cassandra is a highly scalable, high-performance distributed database designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure. It is a type of NoSQL database
  4. ates the overhead of managing and monitoring settings across OS, JVM, and YAML files and their interactions
  5. Apache Cassandra è un DBMS distribuito e open source. Si tratta di un progetto Top-Level (come anche CouchDB e Apache HTTP Server ), sviluppato da Apache Software Foundation per gestire grandi quantità di dati dislocati in diversi server, fornendo inoltre un servizio orientato alla disponibilità, senza alcun point of failure
  6. Cassandra belongs to the NoSQL-system class and is designed for creating reliable, scalable repositories of data arrays which are represented as hash. It works with key space, which aligns with the concept of database scheme in relational model
  7. Explore the full course on Udemy (special discount included in the link):https://www.udemy.com/the-ultimate-hands-on-hadoop-tame-your-big-data/?couponCode=HA..
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Apache Cassandra is a commonly used, high performance NoSQL database. AWS customers that currently maintain Cassandra on-premises may want to take advantage of the scalability, reliability, security, and economic benefits of running Cassandra on Amazon EC2.. Amazon EC2 and Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) provide secure, resizable compute capacity and storage in the AWS Cloud Cassandra Migrations is a Cassandra database schema migration library for Rails applications. ruby rails cassandra-migration cassandra-database Updated Apr 18, 201 It supports cross-platform Operating System Cassandra database provides high availability and zero single points of failure. It also wins in the case of Scalability. Compared to relational databases, NoSQL databases support powerful queries and transactions by following ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) properties Apache Cassandra is an open source NoSQL column store database.Begun as an internal project at Facebook to meet the company's needs for massive scaling, the code was made open source in 2008.The current development project is managed by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), and is formally known as Apache Cassandra™ Cassandra merupakan salah satu implementasi dari NoSQL (Not Only SQL) seperti mongoDB. NoSQL merupakan konsep penyimpanan database dinamis yang tidak terikat pada relasi-relasi tabel yang kaku.

Deploy your database and develop powerful applications with unprecedented ease with a cloud-native Cassandra-as-a-Service built on Apache Cassandra

Cassandra Data Modeling Tool. Hackolade has pioneered the field of data modeling for NoSQL databases, introducing a graphical software to perform the schema design of hierarchical and graph structures. Hackolade is a Cassandra schema design software that dynamically forward-engineers CQL scripts as the user visually builds a Cassandra data model Apache Cassandra is a free, open source, distributed, wide column store, NoSQL database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure Apache Cassandra™ is an open-source distributed NoSQL database that delivers continuous availability, high performance, and linear scalability.Cassandra is suited equally well for on-prem, multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud deployments. Hundreds of enterprises choose Cassandra as the main persistence layer for their modern data-driven and cloud-native applications Apache Cassandra seems like an interesting NoSQL clustered database, and I'm looking forward to diving deeper into its use. This simple setup only scratches the surface of the options available. I hope this three-node primer helps you get started with it, too Strategy for Apache Cassandra database is described in the paper [13]. 1.1 Problem Statement and Motivation In earlier versions of Apache Cassandra, two generic compaction strategies were developed. These strategies are Size Tiered Compaction Strategy and Leveled Com-paction Strategy. These strategies are developed to improve the performance of.

Database Toolbox™ enables you to connect to an Apache Cassandra database, which is a wide column database, using the Apache Cassandra database C++ interface. After creating a Cassandra database connection, you can explore the database structure Latency, CPU and Disk throughput while running a Cassandra cluster in Bare Metal and Container Environments. A statistical analysis summarizing the performance of Cassandra cluster while running single Cassandra is surveyed. Conclusions. With the detailed analysis, the resource utilization of the database was simila Cassandra Database Browser. Browse the details of a Cassandra database cluster including schemas, tables, materialized views, columns, and key information. Easily edit, describe, backup, query tables, create tables, and compare tables or query results with the click of the mouse. Cassandra GUI. Cassandra是一个column-oriented database,也就是说,不用像关系型数据库一样事先定义好列,在Cassandra中,不同行的列可以不一样。 在Cassandra中,数据模型由keyspaces、column families、primary key 和 columns组成,对比关系型数据库,如下表 The Cassandra database plugin is one of the supported plugins for the database secrets engine. This plugin generates database credentials dynamically based on configured roles for the Cassandra database. » Configure Connection. In addition to the parameters defined by the Database Secrets Engine, this plugin has a number of parameters to.

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Cassandra, Database NoSQL. Il database NoSQL Cassandra. by giulio.cantali; 11 dicembre 2018; Lascia un commento. Create a database connection to an Apache Cassandra® database using the Apache Cassandra database C++ interface. To create this connection, you must configure a Cassandra data source. For more information, see the databaseConnectionOptions function. Using a local host address, create the database connection and display the keyspaces in the. An Apache Cassandra database consists of open source software running on one or more physical or virtual computer servers known as a Cassandra cluster. It also refers to data stored within the database in the formats and accessed over the Internet via query languages and methodologies specified by the Apache Cassandra project

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Apache Cassandra® is a free and open-source, distributed, wide column store, NoSQL database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure Support data with a defined lifetime: All data in a Cassandra database has a defined lifetime no need to delete it after the lifetime expires the data goes away. There is nothing in the list about ACID, support for relational operations or aggregates. At this point you might well say, what is it going to be good for Features. Support for Apache Cassandra database versions from 2.1 to 4.0, DataStax Enterprise (DSE) versions from 4.0 to 6.8 and DataStax Astra, Amazon Keyspaces for Apache Cassandra, ScyllaDB 2.0 and Scylla Cloud. Simple management of Cassandra keyspaces, tables, indices, users, user-defined types, triggers, user defined functions, aggregate. Cassandra databases talk to each other using a different protocol on a different port. These two can not be the same and gives us some extra configuration Cassandra is a column-oriented database. MongoDB stores records in JSON format. The MongoDB shells also support JavaScript so that you can build up queries and data conversion and manipulation in steps, saving each operation in a JavaScript variable

Cassandra's write performance is still pretty good, though. Here's why: Cassandra avoids random data input having a clear scenario for how things go, which contributes to the write performance. To make sure that all the chosen nodes do write the data, even if some of them are down, there's the above-mentioned hinted handoff process Cassandra is an open source tool with 5.23K GitHub stars and 2.33K GitHub forks. Here's a link to Cassandra's open source repository on GitHub. According to the StackShare community, Cassandra has a broader approval, being mentioned in 337 company stacks & 230 developers stacks; compared to Azure Cosmos DB, which is listed in 24 company stacks and 23 developer stacks Although Cassandra supports features such as lightweight transactions and batches, Cassandra itself has no concept of referential integrity across tables. In a relational database, you could specify foreign keys in a table to reference the primary key of a record in another table. But Cassandra does not enforce this

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  1. A sample database is included that works with this example. Simply go to db_gen directory, start Cassandra shell cqlsh and invoke the command SOURCE '/playlist.cql'. You can also provide the absolute path of the file. This will populate your Cassandra database with a sample Tracks and Artists database
  2. You can browse, view, edit and filter Cassandra tables the same way as with regular (relational) tables. However, being a distributed key-value database, Cassandra doesn't support any kind of referential integrity. There are no foreign keys, references, etc. Note that Cassandra has very advanced (comparing to relational databases) data type.
  3. Cassandra.Tools is a leaderboard of the top open-source Apache Cassandra tools curated by Anant Corporation in order to showcase helpful tools for Cassandra
  4. An unknown hacker is accessing public and unsecured Apache Cassandra databases and adding an extra table through which it warns server owners that their DB was left exposed to online attacks
  5. 2020-12-24T00:24:41.100Z - Apache Cassandra supports two kinds of backup strategies. Snapshots Incremental Backups A snapshot is a copy of a table's SSTable files at a given time, created via hard links. The DDL to create the table is stored as well. Snapshots may be created by a user or created automatically. The setting (snapshot_before_compa
  6. Setting up client and cluster SSL transport for a Cassandra cluster. This articles is a Cassandra tutorial on Cassandra setup for SSL and CQL clients, as well as installing Cassandra with SSL configured on a series of Linux servers.. Cassandra allows you to secure the client transport (CQL) as well as the cluster transport (storage transport).. SSL/TLS have some overhead

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In Cassandra, columns can be created at your will within the rows. Cassandra data model is also famously known as a schema-optional data model. In contrast to a traditional database, in Cassandra there is no need to show all the columns needed by your application at the surface as each row is not expected to have the same set of columns Figure 2: The Neo4j Cassandra Data Import tool enables data export from Cassandra, translation to a property graph and inserting into Neo4j. To help developers take advantage of polyglot persistence with Neo4j and Cassandra, we've put some effort into developing a command-line tool to enable transferring data from Cassandra to Neo4j

Example: Deploying Cassandra with a StatefulSet. This tutorial shows you how to run Apache Cassandra on Kubernetes. Cassandra, a database, needs persistent storage to provide data durability (application state).In this example, a custom Cassandra seed provider lets the database discover new Cassandra instances as they join the Cassandra cluster To connect to a deployed Cassandra database itself you can use cqlsh, the command-line shell, and query Cassandra using CQL from within your Kubernetes cluster This Apache Cassandra tutorial is your first step to learn Cassandra which is a powerful, scalable, highly available, distributed NoSQL database. You will get to know the peer-to-peer architecture of Cassandra, what is column-oriented storage, how Cassandra is resilient and more through this easy to learn Cassandra tutorial This post is part 1 of a 3-part series about monitoring Apache Cassandra performance. Part 2 is about collecting metrics from Cassandra, and Part 3 details how to monitor Cassandra with Datadog.. What is Cassandra? Apache Cassandra is a distributed database system known for its scalability and fault-tolerance. Cassandra originated at Facebook as a project based on Amazon's Dynamo and Google.

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Cassandra Database Client GUI and Query Tool. The RazorSQL Apache Cassandra database client and query tool includes a Cassandra database browser, SQL editor, table editor, Cassandra import and export tools, Cassandra backup tools, and other custom Cassandra GUI tools Join us in #cassandra on the ASF Slack and ask questions. Subscribe to the Users mailing list by sending a mail to user-subscribe@cassandra.apache.org. Visit the community section of the Cassandra website for more information on getting involved. Visit the development section of the Cassandra website for more information on how to contribute If your Cassandra cluster is unable to handle incoming requests adequately then it is something definitely worth paging your team. Conclusion. Netsil's interaction analytics combined with polling gives complete visibility into the performance of the Cassandra database, without any instrumentation on client application or database side Apache Cassandra is an open-source database, while Amazon DynamoDB is a database service on the list of AWS's offering. And it's a common misconception that this is the biggest, if not the only, difference between the two technologies. To refute this misconception, let's look at them more closely in terms of: Data models; Architecture March 23, 2017 | Cassandra, Data Analysis, Data Engineering. Data Analytics using Cassandra and Spark. In recent years, Cassandra has become one of the most widely used NoSQL databases: many of our clients use Cassandra for a variety of different purposes. This is no accident as it is a great datastore with nice scalability and performance characteristics

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Il database NoSQL Cassandra. Cassandra, Database NoSQL Apache Cassandra is a NoSQL database and well suited where you need highly available, linearly scalable, tunable consistency and high performance across varying workloads. It has worked well for our use cases, and I shared my experiences to use it effectively at the last Cassandra summit This week the new module and type of data we're releasing is Cassandra. Cassandra is a database technology used for high availability and scalability by multiple companies worldwide. Cassandra is in use at Constant Contact, CERN, Comcast, eBay, GitHub, GoDaddy, Hulu, Instagram, Intuit, Netflix, Reddit, The Weather Channel, and ove

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Create a database connection to an Apache Cassandra® database using the Apache Cassandra database C++ interface. To create this connection, you must configure a Cassandra data source. For more information, see the databaseConnectionOptions function. Using a local host address, create the database connection and display the keyspaces in the database Over 7+ years of experience in Oracle database administration and Cassandra Database Administration and. Expertise in tuning, development, analysis, design, all phases of SDLC, installation, patches, upgrades, migrations, configuration, database security, capacity planning, space management, data modeling, backup and recovery, cloning, auditing,.

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Apache Cassandra is an open-source NoSQL database with no single point of failure, providing linear scalability and high availability without compromising performance. This tutorial describes how to install Apache Cassandra on CentOS 7 Apache Cassandra is a free and open-source distributed NoSQL database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure Joins with data stored in a Cassandra database are only possible on the MariaDB side. That is, if we want to compute a join between two tables, we will: Read the relevant data for the first table. Based on data we got in #1, read the matching records from the second table. Either of the tables can be an InnoDB table, or a Cassandra table Apache Cassandra with SSL Step 1. Create a Apache Cassandra connection. Open data source properties. You can open data source properties by using one of the following options: Navigate to File | Data Sources. Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S. In the Database tool window (View | Tool Windows | Database), click the Data Source Properties icon Apache Cassandra is an open-source database management framework that uses a column-based distributed data model. Built to handle large data stores across clusters of commodity servers, Cassandra provides a highly available, fault-tolerant database environment with high throughput capabilities

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