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The ball is hard to find due to the color. These next golf balls are strategically designed for a softer feel and quality performance. As the companion to the golf balls above, but designed for a soft feel and better short gameplay, the Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls are excellent in their design, value, and performance Understand that I am a 74 year old, low 80's golfer, or nothing good will come of this review. My swing speed is around 90 now and a softer compression ball is best for me. This ball is excellent! I was delightfully surprised. I remember many years ago when Pinnacle was sold by Sears. I swore I'd never use one. See how things can change Pinnacle Soft Ball Detailed Review Design and Technology. The Pinnacle Soft golf ball is designed to provide an exceptionally soft feel for golfers with lower clubhead speeds. The Pinnacle Soft is built with the lowest compression core Pinnacle has ever used, which gives a very soft feel along with lower spin to increase distance Pinnacle is a well known golf gear manufacturer who received a well-deserved reputation for their golf-balls, i.e. a nice combo of distance and value. For the current year, 2016, we're in for a pleasant surprise from Pinnacle, as they've just hit the market with 2 new models, the Pinnacle Rush and Soft Golf balls

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Pinnacle Gold Long Drive Golf Ball Review. Rackham Golf Course. 5-8-18 - White Tees. 70 Degrees. Sunny. Breezy. I'm really starting to learn a thing or two about my dad and his thought process of buying golf balls. The Pinnacle Gold Long Drive is probably the fifth golf Pinnacle Rush & Soft Golf Ball Review. Pinnacle golf balls have long been a very popular ball brand for millions of amateur golfers around the world. Owned and operated by Acushnet, the same parent company behind the ever popular Titleist golf balls, Pinnacle has continually offered a quality option for the player looking to spend less than it. I believe that many players who shoot in the 80´s and 90´s would benefit from playing a ball like this because they can´t use the advantages of the so-called premium balls anyway. The Pinnacle gives you more yards off the tee, holds the greens well enough and doesn´t curve too much if you hit a slice or hook

In short, the Pinnacle Exception is an exceptional overall ball for the average golfer, and its MSRP is only $24.99 for 20 balls. Pinnacle golf balls have always been popular. Their playing characteristics have always been suited to a large number of players, and their cost has always been comparatively low Easy to get consistent distances out of these balls; Even more affordable than the Pinnacle Soft golf balls; Great for beginners; Ultra-soft, low-compression makes them ideal for older players; Good for players with low swing speeds; They offer good hold on greens; Cons: Not as good if you have a high swing speed; Higher cost compared to budget golf balls Pinnacle Bling Golf Ball: Distance Ball Makes Colorful Statement: 77. Pinnacle Gold: Long as Ever, with a New Touch of Softness: 78. Pinnacle Rush and Pinnacle Soft Golf Ball Review: 79. Slazenger RAW Distance Feel Golf Ball: Surprising Performance, Superior Value: 80. Slazenger RAW Distance Golf Ball: Tee it High and Let it Fly: 81 Pinnacle Balls Reviews. Pinnacle know your passion for the game runs deep. Theirs does too. That's why Pinnacle golf balls are designed and tested by engineers, and manufactured in their facilities by their own team. The result is powerful distance, even softer feel and consistent performance in every Pinnacle golf ballwhat more could you ask for If you do your homework, you'll find that Pinnacles are basically Titleists with a different logo. That's all. I felt this ball was a bit better than the Pinnacle Gold Maximum Velocity. It felt a bit more alive and controllable. Also the covers are much more durable. If you are on a budget, these are great balls to try

Balls - Pinnacle Golf Titanium . 3 Choices of Pinnacle Titanium Balls Extreme Distance Precision Spin Precision Feel Please Note - All balls will be supplied.. We ultimately selected the new Callaway Chrome Soft for the incredible distance it provides. All good golf balls work due to compression. Put simply, the golf club strikes the ball for about 1/300th of a second. For that briefest of moments, the ball compresses on impact and then expands as it begins its flight Despite their external similarities, when you peel away the covers most golf balls on the market differ greatly, offering different benefits for different types of golfers. Golf ball buyers guide. Using the same premium ball in practice as you do in competition will heighten your feel for a more reliable short game - A unique cover blend of three ionomers maximizes ball speed for every club - Designed for the golf ball to jump off the face and convert its energy into more distance - The surface pattern has been re-engineered to produce even better low-speed lift for more distance while maintaining the stable, penetrating ball flight Two Color Options - HEX Hot is available in traditional White or the newly formulated Optical Yellow Ok - What is there to know... This Pinnacle Gold ball does exactly what it says on the tin! 15-20 yards longer than my usual ball (the Nike Distance Soft). A tendancy to fly straight courtesy of the fact that its a non spinning ball. the downside is that this ball is more difficult to work around the greens

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  1. Powerful distance on all shots and soft feel for a sharp short game along with exceptional quality and consistency. Pinnacle Gold Golf Balls blends a high-velocity, soft compression core with a soft cover to produce a golf ball that has a bold, long game along with a sharp short game. The balls have a great feel on all shots combines with long,.
  2. Watch Mark Victorsen from Pacific Golf Shop review the brand new Pinnacle Soft Golf Ball. This is a ball that combines the best of both worlds, exceptional s... AboutPressCopyrightContact.
  3. Pinnacle Dimension balls reviews. Golf Monthly is packed with all the information you need to help improve your game. Take your game to the next level with tips, drills and advice from top Tour Pros and the UK's top coaches
  4. His evaluation may be a touch exaggerated, but for a kid who hits it pretty far but tends to find water at least once a round, this is a great ball and a great price-point. The Pinnacle Soft comes in white and a light pink. It is the softest Pinnacle ever, with compression in the mid-40s, and the cover is softer than the Rush
  5. Pinnacle's new Rush and Soft golf balls ($15.99 per dozen) aren't designed for golfers who like to talk about core constructions and cover formulations. Although if they did, they might be even more likely to buy a dozen of the bargain brand's new balls. Pinnacle golf balls are designed, tested and manufactured by Acushnet, the same company that makes Titleist [
  6. The ball has a 322-dimple cover. While durability is part and parcel of the design (it's a range ball after all), it's designed to be a mid-launch ball. The intent is to produce a trajectory window that's similar to the golf ball you'd play on the course. The Pinnacle Practice ball isn't sold through retailers

  1. First Look: Pinnacle Rush, Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls. By Alana Johnson. January 5, 2016. The new line of Pinnacle Golf Balls. Courtesy of Pinnacle. Pinnacles are well known for their distance.
  2. Our comprehensive golf ball guide for 2020 features essential information on 31 new golf ball models to help you select the perfect one for your game
  3. ded golfers. Pinnacle Rush and Pinnacle Soft are designed.
  4. If you are a beginner and want to know which are the best golf balls for you then stay right here. Because here you will get our expert reviews on best golf balls for beginners in 2020. Let's dive in but before you need to know about what are the factors that is crucial to pick the right ball for a beginner
  5. Golf Ball Reviews. These top rated golf balls are favorites among customers because they deliver consistent, professional results, and they come at a price that the average golfer can afford. Even more importantly, they provide efficiency and benefits that go beyond just the average golfer

Pinnacle Rush White golf balls feature a high energy solid core for powerful, consistent ball flight and long distance, a more durable, soft cover to maintain a soft feel, an advanced icosahedral dimple design with 332 dimples, all for longer shots off the tee and with long irons, and consistent, powerful ball flight with soft feel Pinnacle Golf began as an affordable alternative to the expensive Titleist golf balls. Pinnacle has always been known for providing a golf ball that guarantees long distance, and it has remained committed to this signature feature of its golf balls. Pinnacle's current line of golf balls continues its focus on long distance and affordability

Rereading the Golf Digest Hot Lists or the extensive tests of WRX, I find a model of balls that catch my attention and is rated Gold on the US Golf Digest Hot List: the Pinnacle Soft. An even more flexible ball envelope. Pinnacle (an Acushnet company owning Titleist) has completely revised its range and released last February (2016), two new models, the Rush and the Soft. Finish the Pinnacle gold, the proshop's cash cow for Green-Fees players in need of ammo Please take a minute to review our. PINNACLE RUSH AND PINNACLE SOFT GOLF BALL REVIEW Compression: MidDimples: 332Spin: LowFeel: SoftPinnacle is a well known golf gear manufacturer who received a well - deserved reputation for their golf - balls, i.e. A nice combo of distance and value. - VOTED #1 GOLF SITE I have played the Pinnacle Golf FX Soft ball for a year. I looked at the spin rates in comparison to the more expensive golf balls. I have hit this ball and other balls and have found distance and accuracy to be just as good as balls costing 3 times more

I generate a fair amount of spin with any golf ball. A full wedge for me typically backs up a fair amount with a ProV1X. The Pinnacle would release about 2-6 feet from it's pitch mark - not bad at all for a lower spinning, straight ball. Chipping and pitching was just fine. The ball feels soft. Much softer than any other Pinnacle I've ever played Looking forward on reviews on new Pinnacle balls been playing Exceptions for last 2 years.Playing everyday and cost of ProV~S being so high love the Exception! Cant really see too much difference between the two balls in distance and feel.Putting and spin on greens yes but as far as tee,and fairway not much difference After reading the My Golf Spy ball review a few months ago I bought three dozen Maxfli Tours on a flash sale for $19.98 ea. The first round I played with them, I saw no increase in distance though the ball did seem to fly a little straighter, except for when my dumb butt got tired and started lifting my arms more than turning my hips These golf balls are top rated because customers find that they deliver consistent results that are better than the competition. Enjoy more ease and efficiency on the course, as well as enhanced speed, spin, and distance. Lightweight and durable, these golf balls from Nike are changing what golfers have come to expect from their golf game

Pinnacle CLR. Product Reviews » Golf Balls » Men's Golf Balls » Pinnacle CLR. Product Submitted by: blue_crush. Image Viewer: Product Rating. Overall. Distance. Feel. Spin. Durability. Price/Value. The Pinnacle CLR products feature a resilient, low compression, 1.550 high velocity core, a soft Surlyn cover blend, a finished compression in. Bottom line is Pinnacle is the largest selling golf ball in America and they lost their rock status years ago in my opinion. Don't overlook them because of their past as the current lineup is a great value Golf Ball Reviews. Pinnacle Exception review. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. Y. yakdork · Registered. Joined Aug 17, 2006 · 10 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Sep 15, 2006. I read. MyGolfSpy Ball Lab is where we quantify the quality and consistency of the golf balls on the market to help you find the best ball for your money. Today, we're taking a look at the Pinnacle Practice, which is arguably the most popular range ball on the market right now. An overview of the equipment [ These two four-piece, urethane-cover balls have a cone-dimple design and more surface points that produce a more efficient, penetrating driver flight, plus extra yards on full-iron shots. The RB.

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  1. They offered me everything I could wish for in a golf ball: powerful distance, great feel and terrific short game contro
  2. While most of the golf balls we reviewed were made for distance, the Pinnacle soft golf balls are more about feel. Pinnancle boasts a proprietary high-energy golf ball with a very low compression core or center, which creates a very soft feel and decreases spin which adds distance off of every club in your golf bag
  3. Pinnacle Ribbon Lavender 15-Pack Golf Balls The Pinnacle Ribbon Lavender Golf Balls are designed to provide value-conscious women golfers with superior distance and soft feel in a new lavender pearl cover option

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Golf balls manufactured today consist of one to five layers of material. One layer. This is a simple, cheap golf ball that consists of a solid mass of material. You'll often see this type on a putt-putt course, and they might show up at a driving range. A one-layer golf ball doesn't offer the distance or control of a multi-layer ball. Two. Product TitlePinnacle Golf Balls, Used, Mint Quality, 50 Pack. Average Rating: ( 3.0) out of 5 stars. 1. ratings, based on 1 reviews. Current Price $37.50. $37.50 BUY Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls at Golf World & SAVE - The best deals & FREE Delivery on all purchasesl All we slice is the price! Be The First To Review This Product! Help other Golf World users shop smarter by writing reviews for products you have purchased. Write a product review. More From This Category First off, it's important to think of any golf ball you tee up as a game improvement ball, whether you are a 30 or +3 (breaking par) handicap golfer. Your golf ball should maximize your potential, not work against it. As a professional golf ball engineer, I have designed balls for golfers ranging from top touring pros to high handicap golfers Massive DISTANCE? | The BEST selling golf ball on Amazon Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to RICK SHIELS now http://bit.ly/SubRickShielsGolfIn this video PGA Golf Pr..

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  1. (15) 15 product ratings - Pinnacle Rush Distance Golf Ball 3 Packages of three New in Box . $19.95. Free shipping. Pinnacle Gold 3 pack set Distance Softer #1 Golf Balls USGA Conform MARINA ~ NEW. $5.99. 0 bids. $5.10 shipping. Ending Saturday at 8:15PM PDT 6d 18h. or Buy It Now
  2. Reviews. Q & A. Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls. Pinnacle Soft golf balls are designed to deliver longer distance through low spin. A high energy, low compression core combined with a soft cover and advanced 332 icosahedral dimple design produce less spin for longer shots and softer feel
  3. Pinnacle Rush is designed to deliver extraordinary distance helping golfers of all abilities hit the ball farther with every club. The high energy core along with a soft cover and advanced 332 icosahedral dimple design combine for a powerful, consistent ball flight for long distance with every club. Available in white and yellow. MSRP: $24.99/15-Pac
  4. Both the Pinnacle Gold and Pinnacle Gold Lady will be available from November 1st, 2013, with a suggested retail price of £13.80 per dozen. Golfers love the powerful distance they get from any Pinnacle golf ball, said Michael Mahoney, Director of Golf Ball Product Management, Acushnet Company

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Pinnacle Driving Range Golf Balls Minimum order: 24 Dozen (288 Balls) Reviews . Write Your Own Review. You're reviewing: Pinnacle - Range Your Rating. Rating. 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. Nickname. Summary. Review. Submit Review. best4balls Hit longer, straighter shots with Pinnacle Exception golf balls. These balls are designed with a unique high velocity core for extra distance on every club This golf-ball takes care of everything that makes it better. All these things increase the distance from T-to-Green, excellent experience and now visibility. This soft feel golf-ball is specifically made for golfers who want to maximize their range from the tee while still providing superior feel

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The Pinnacle Rush golf ball has a high energy core, which helps golfers with slow swing speeds achieve speed and distance. The golf ball has an ionomer cover, which offers a good feel and consistency. The golf ball has 332 dimples, which helps it fly in the air while reducing drag. You can play with this golf ball in various weather conditions Pinnacle Bling - Add Some Bling to Your Swing.Golf is a balance between challenging yourself and having fun. Thats why we make Pinnacle Bling, a golf ball designed to give you outstanding distance and short game control, along with even softer feel. And with four fun colours, you can Add Some Bling to Your Swing.Excellent distance from tee-to-greenVery soft feel on all shotsShort game control.

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Used to play Pro V1X balls, but was donating too many of them to the golf gods. Found a Rush ball in my travels in the rough and gave it a try. WOW, great ball. Longer than Pro V's, playable, dont spin as much and at a about a buck a ball I don't even bother looking for them if I get in the rough In this Kirkland Signature 3 piece golf ball review, We will discuss the customer reviews, price, brand value, and golf feature this model with main functions and other common factors. If you're playing or working on your golf skill on a regular basis, you will appreciate how essential a good quality golf ball is Get the best deals on Pinnacle Pink Golf Balls when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices

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http://www.golfballplanet.com Pinnacle Golf Balls. Wholesaler of pinnacle used golf balls Golf ball marketing tends to be pretty repetitive. We hear over and over about balls being softer, longer, or spinning more. Maxfli's new Tour and Tour X golf balls bring something entirely new to the party: a claim of higher, longer ball flight when you align their marked center of gravity

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Find reviews for the Pinnacle Gold FX Long Ball posted by golfers just like you. Also find the most popular golf gear Pinnacle Bling, a golf ball designed to give you outstanding distance and short game control, along with even softer feel. With four fun colours Pinnacle Golf Balls at Golfgeardirect.co.uk, geared to power your game! Pinnacle mens and Ladies golf balls are the ideal golf balls for beginners and high handicap players. Pinnacle golf balls, as used by the Pinnacle long drive team. Available today at the lowest prices with fast delivery from www.golfgeardirect.co.uk BACK TO OUR FULL RANG The Pinnacle Practice ball has a significant amount of regrind in the core (ground-up bits of flash from other balls). It's not uncommon and typically not cause for concern. Not that I expect most of you to cut up your golf balls but the bright speckles add a bit of color to an otherwise bland deep-purple core. Cove Golf balls Pinnacle Longer Distance with Soft Feel Exception: Currently: $12.95 # Offers: Till Over: 9d 5h 12m: 12 Pinnacle Exception Near Mint AAAA Used Golf Balls....FREE SHIPPING!... Currently: $15.95 # Offers: Till Over: 14d 11h 18m: Dozen Golf Balls Pinnacle Exception New: Currently: $19.99 # Offers: Till Over: 27d 5h 50

He said that all the balls are made in the same factory and that when it comes down one side goes to Pinnacle and the other goes to Titleist. Kind of makes sense. Titleist golf bags are made by Sun Mountain. For the glory of having the name Titleist on your bag you get to pay more. If anyone knows which ball it is I sure would love to know New Models Available in Golf Shops Beginning January 2016 FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (Jan. 5, 2016) †The new Pinnacle golf balls, engineered with proprietary core technologies, deliver category-leading performance with the extraordinary distance of new Pinnacle Rush and the incredibly soft feel of new Pinnacle Soft. New Pinnacle Rush helps golfers hit the ball farther with every club

0 Best Golf Balls for Beginners 2021. If you're reading this, then you are in need of some balls! Golf balls. The best golf balls for beginners are the range balls, but since you can get them only at a practice range, we've found some really good balls that you can easily order on the Internet.. It's really important to have a suitable golf ball in order to improve your golf skills. Nobody ever said golf wasn't a pricey game to play. In fact, it's quite expensive. But there are bargains to be had, including when it comes to the best cheap golf balls Driving Range Golf Balls - Pinnacle Practice Balls

Since I searched and havent been able to find much on the Cut Golf Co. line of balls, I figured I would order a few dozen and write up a review. For those that dont already know, Cut is a direct to consumer ball manufacturer based out of Southern California (Costa Mesa!). Among the many direct to.. Pinnacle Golf introduced a pair of new golf balls on Tuesday, with the Rush and Soft models. The Rush design is a distance ball, while the Soft is to live up to its name, offering great feel at a. Once referred to as ladies golf balls, they are now known as low compression golf balls. Recommended for women and beginners, the best low compression golf balls can be found at a variety of stores. Most golf shops, outdoor sporting stores and online retails carry these specific golf balls. They are cheap and can be purchased by the package

Sun Mountain C130 Cart Bag USATitleist Lightweight Cart Bag GolfballsNike Sport Lite Carry Bag for Women GolfballsWilson Ultra 500 Distance Personalized Golf BallsPGA Tour Perforated Silicone Belt Golfballs

These two piece golf balls are customized for women and are excellent for beginners who may lose a lot of balls. The inner core is energetic meaning the ball will gain speed on its own. However, the cover is a bit harder than other women's balls but still maintains accuracy Pinnacle Exceptions -- Maxfli Revolutions -- Maxfli Noodles -- Top Flite tommy armour evo soft golf ball reviews, tommy armour golf ball review, which golf balls are rated highest by consuner reports. ShotTalk.com. Home Forums > ShotTalk Member Reviews > Golf Equipment Reviews > Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Pinnacle Rush Golf Balls - 12 Pack at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users Details. PINNACLE GOLD FX LONG (45) GOLF BALLS & LONG DRIVE (30) BALLS BRAND NEW (75) Currently: $99.99. # Offers: Till Over: 29d 14h 36m. Pinnacle Gold Fx Long Golf Balls New In Package - 5 Sleeves Of 3. Currently: $17.96 12 Pinnacle Gold Golf Balls. The Pinnacle gold golf ball is designed and tested by Pinnacle engineer. The result is distance, Softer feel, and consistent performance. Powerful distance from tee to green; Softer feel on all shots; Short game control for improved scorin In comparing them to other premium balls, I found them to be slightly below average in terms of spin. The Tour and Tour X spun about 10% less than a Pro V1 on a full wedge shot . That's plenty of spin to hold a green, but low spin players that want to see the ball zip back may prefer another ball

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