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The history of Turkey, understood as the history of the region now forming the territory of the Republic of Turkey, includes the history of both Anatolia and Eastern Thrace. These two previously politically distinct regions came under control of the Roman Empire in the second century BCE, eventually becoming the core of the Roman Byzantine Empire. For times predating the Ottoman period, a distinction must be made between the history of the Turkic peoples, and the history of the. The most important ancient sites in Turkey are: Göbekli Tepe, Ephesus, Temple of Artemis, Bergama Acropolis, and Aphrodisias. Göbekli Tepe Archeological Site Göbekli Tepe (Potbelly Hill) is a Neolithic sanctuary near the city of Şanlıurfa in southeastern Turkey See map of Ancient Turkey in 2500 BCE. In around 2000 BCE, further upheaval seems to have spread from the west. This indicates a large-scale migration of peoples from Europe, probably of Indo-European speakers. These were probably the ancestors of the Hittites, who were shortly to play a prominent role in Anatolian - and Middle Eastern - history

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Ancient ruins in Turkey. Explore ancient thermal spas and take a dip yourself at Hierapolis, a World Heritage Site. Originally a thermal spa in 2nd century BCE, the G. Be transported back to the culture of antiquity at Ancient Theater, one of the well-preserved highlights of the Side ruins system. The mighty One of the world's most famous archaeological sites, the ancient city of Troy dates back to the 4th century BC and lies at the base of Mount Ida in Çanakkale. Troy became famous due to Homer's epic poem The Iliad, which describes the Trojan War. 17100 Tevfikiye Köyü/Çanakkale Merkez/Çanakkale, Turkey, +90 286 217 23 7 Anatolia Archaeological Mysteries of Ancient Turkey Full Documentary - YouTube. Anatolia Archaeological Mysteries of Ancient Turkey Full Documentary. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Seton Lloyd's lively account of Turkey's early history is for the ever-increasing number of people visiting the ancient sites of this fabled land. Written by an archaeologist who has spent much of his life in the Near East, the book is not a conventional guide to the antiquities of Anatolia, nor is it a textbook

As a popular spot for ancient capitals, there is no shortage of ruins in Turkey. Some, like Ephesus, are rightly world-famous; others are barren gems scattered on grassy plains in out of the way places. We have put together a list of what - in our opinion - are the 8 most interesting ancient ruins in Turkey Ani is one of the ancient cities in Turkey, a ruined medieval age Armenian city that is now located in the province of Kars, close to the closed border with Armenia. Ani was the capital city of the Bagratid Armenian kingdom that covered much of present-day Armenia and Eastern Turkey between 961 and 1045 Once the capital city of the Hittite Empire, Hattusha is one of Turkey's most important archeological sites, dating back to the Bronze Age. The remains continue to stun visitors, including one of the ancient world's most sophisticated libraries, as well as underground tunnels, temples, and palaces

Lose yourself in the ancient cities and archaeological sites of Turkey, such as the Ephesus, Aspendos, Perge, Hierapolis, Aphrodisias, Gobeklitepe, Hattusas, Catalhoyuk, Assos, Troy, Ani, Myra, Side and Aizanoi. Archaeological Sites. In addtion to ancient cities, there are lots of archaeological ruins in Turkey, for the archeology lovers and fans History . Turkey is known as having a long history with ancient cultural practices. In fact, the Anatolian peninsula (on which most of modern Turkey sits), is considered one of the oldest inhabited areas in the world Turkey is one fascinating place full of history and archaeological sites that are so unique and beautiful, that it's almost difficult to fathom that they're. Ancient Anatolia: to the 11th century: Anatolia, linking Asia and Europe, has a long and distinguished record as a centre of civilization - from one of the world's first towns (Catal Huyuk), through the successive periods of Hittites and Trojans, Ionians and Lydians, Romans and Byzantines. But the region acquires its present identity and name, as Turkey, more recently - with the arrival of. In Ancient Turkey, Gladiators Fought at This Colosseum-Like Amphitheater The 1,800-year-old arena housed up to 20,000 spectators eager to bet on the bloody battles

Join Ancient Origins' exclusive tour of Turkey's sacred past in September 2021, visiting some of the country's most important ancient sites including: Göbekli Tepe - twice!— Çatal Höyük, Mount Nimrod, the Hittite centers of Hattusa and Alaca Höyük, Istanbul's Blue Mosque, Ankara's archaeological museum, Şanlıurfa's Pools of Abraham, the mysterious landscape of Cappadocia. The ancient temple was unearthed in the Ilısu neighborhood of Dargeçit in southeastern Turkey's Mardin province and archaeologists estimate that it was built 11,300 years-old. Dr. Ergül Kodaş of Mardin Artuklu University's Archaeology Department is the scientific counselor to the excavations at the Boncuklu Tarla (Beaded Field) site, which is the earliest known human settlement in the.

Ancient Turkey is a much needed resource for students and scholars, providing an up-to-date account of the widespread and extensive archaeological activity in Turkey. Covering the entire span before the Classical period, fully illustrated with over 160 images and written in lively prose, this text will be enjoyed by anyone interested in the archaeology and early history of Turkey and the ancient Near East realclearscience.com - Archaeologists in western Turkey have unearthed an 1,800-year-old amphitheater similar to Rome's famed Colosseum. This might be the only arena In Ancient Turkey, Gladiators Fought at Amphitheater - Flipboar SEVEN ANCIENT SITES IN TURKEY NEAR THE COAST. EPHESUS, NEAR IZMIR . Many would say that you can't come to Turkey without visiting Ephesus at least once - it's one of the worlds most incredible ancient cities and remarkably well preserved 9 Ancient Sites and Cities You Should Visit in Turkey Ephesus. Certainly the most popular and well-preserved of the archeological sites, Ephesus dates back to the 10 th... Göbekli Tepe. Discovered by German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt in 1994, Göbekli Tepe was an astounding find that... Termessos..

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  1. ent archaeological sites, the Çatalhöyük settlement was built during the Neolithic period and lies in the Konya province. Due to its large size and its beautiful wall paintings, the site became world famous when discovered in the late 1950s
  2. Look at a map of Ancient Turkey in 1500 BCE, when the Hittite Empire was reaching the height of its power
  3. Join Ancient Origins' exclusive tour of Turkey's sacred past in September 2021, visiting some of the country's most important ancient sites including: Göbekli Tepe - twice!— Çatal Höyük, Mount Nimrod, the Hittite centers of Hattusa and Alaca Höyük, Istanbul's Blue Mosque, Ankara's archaeological museum, Şanlıurfa's Pools of Abraham, the mysterious landscape of Cappadocia including the underground city of Derinkuyu, and many more sites besides

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First, the Seljuk and then the Ottoman Turkish Empires came to power, exerting influence over much of the eastern Mediterranean world, and bringing Islam to southeast Europe. After the Ottoman Empire fell in 1918, Turkey transformed itself into the vibrant, modernizing, secular state it is today The Byzantines, the Assyrians, the Romans, and the Mongols, are just some of the cultures to have left a substantial mark in modern-day Turkey's ancient city of Hasankeyf. In total, some 20 cultures through each human epoch have chosen the city as a temporary settlement. For this, Hasankeyf is considered an incredibly significant historical site Patara Pipes - Ancient High-Technology Discovered In Turkey. March 30, 2020 May 21, 2020. Alien / Earth / Science. We recently made a community post, pertaining to the remarkable, yet little known, or indeed studied discovery, made within the extremely ancient city of Patara, in modern-day Turkey This ancient site in southeastern Turkey is changing the way archaeologists think about the origins of human civilization and within its circular structure of elaborately carved T-shaped pillars dating to over 12,000 years ago, it is not only older than the invention of pottery, but it was built before agriculture was even conceived Eating and drinking habits in ancient Turks (before the Seljuk period) Food and drinks have a significant position in beliefs of Turkish people and have been shaped based on the region they lived in and beliefs they followed. The Uyghurs, one of the Turk tribes, followed Manichaeism before Islam

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  1. Six miles from Urfa, an ancient city in southeastern Turkey, Klaus Schmidt has made one of the most startling archaeological discoveries of our time: massive carved stones about 11,000 years old.
  2. Today, you can visit the ancient cities of Pergamon, Ephesus, Aphrodisias, Perge and Aspendos to observe the Roman heritage in Turkey. Anatolia became more important when Emperor Constantine liberated Christianity in the 300s
  3. Ancient 'lost' civilisation uncovered by archaeologists in Turkey 'Marvellous, incredibly lucky' discovery made after tip off from farmer uncovers previously unknown kingdom which may have.
  4. The Great Theater, with an estimated 25,000 seating capacity, is believed to be the largest in the ancient world. It was used initially for drama, and later for gladiatorial combats. Thanks to the lovely cats for leading us all the way to explore wonderful Turkey! Should you have any questions about Turkey tour, welcome to contact us at at any time
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  1. Dr Elhaik said he believed that that three still-surviving Turkish villages - Iskenaz, Eskenaz and Ashanaz - located in north-eastern Turkey made up part of the original Ashkenazi homeland and.
  2. This text is dedicated to all the travellers who want to see a well-preserved ancient amphitheatre in Turkey. The bad news for you is: there are none structures of this kind to be visited. If you read about the amphitheatre in Aspendos or Ephesus, you have been cheated, as these structures are ancient theatres. Let us look into this issue a bit more closely as recently man
  3. Archaeological sites in Turkey are frequently 'decorated' with the reconstructions of ancient structures that often simultaneously delight tourists and outrage historians. The Zeus Temple in Aizanoi is a rare example of an excellently preserved original ancient building
  4. Ancient City of Kaunos was a port city of extremely strategic importance especially for the merchant ships travelling between East Mediterranean and Aegean Sea. This makes Kaunos more attractive relatively to contemporary cities in terms not only of historical geography or urbanization, but also political and social life, economic and cultural changes and developments

Blaundos Ancient city is located 40 km away from the Western Turkish city of Uşak, which is a part of the Aegean area of Turkey. Blaudus was established by the Macedonians, who stayed in Anatolia after Alexander the Great's military campaign in the area Harran was a major ancient city in Upper Mesopotamia whose site is near the modern village of Altınbaşak, Turkey, 24 miles (44 kilometers) southeast of Şanlıurfa. Adobe House Ancient Civilizations Bridges Galaxies Castles Places To See Monument Valley Worship Countrie

The remains of the ancient theatres from the Greek and Roman world are scattered around the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey. Scientific excavations have been conducted in a number of these. Some of the theatres are still intact, and a few of them, such as Aspendos Theatre, have been preserved in a condition that allows them to be used in the present day for performances on a grand scale A spokesman for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has shown once again why Turkey remains an extremely unscientific country with the third lowest IQ on the European continent and its surrounds, according to the Ulster Institute for Social Research. İbrahim Kalın questioned whether the Greeks of today are connected to the Ancient Greeks Before traveling to Turkey in-the-flesh I can offer you this virtual tour of Turkey's most ancient sacred sites. So if you are an intrepid travler whose bucklet list includes Gobekli Tepe or an armchair archaeologist with an interest in researching the ancient mysteries of Turkey, this series is for you

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One of the reasons I went to Turkey this summer was to visit some of the famous archeology museums and sites open to the public. Because of the ancient heritage of modern day Turkey, involving many of the great and small empires of history, and the lasting imprint they left on the country, ruins, treasures, customs, and of course food, Turkey is a microcosm of the history of the Middle East Mustafa Koçak/Antalya Bilim University The ancient city of Patara in Turkey is also known as the cradle of civilizations.. Archaeologists in the ancient Greek city of Patara have uncovered a stunning 2,000-year-old altar engraved with a coiled, decorative snake relief. While serpents have proven a ubiquitous symbol across ancient civilizations,. I bought this book as background reading for an upcoming trip to Turkey. It is a comprehensive and well-written overview of ancient history, from the Hittites up through the beginnings of Christianity in what is now Turkey, with context relating to the influence of adjacent areas as needed 1939 - World War II begins. Turkey remains neutral. 1950 - The first open elections are held. 1952 - Turkey becomes a member of NATO. 1960 - The army stages a coup of the government. 1974 - Turkey invades Cyprus. 1974 - The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) is formed in an effort to gain independence for the Kurds from Turkey This crossword clue Region of ancient Turkey was discovered last seen in the February 19 2021 at the NewsDay Crossword. The crossword clue possible answer is available in 5 letters. This answers first letter of which starts with I and can be found at the end of A. We think IONIA is the possible answer on this clue

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Turkey Tours - Ancient Turkey Tour, 9 days, starting Istanbul and finishing Kuşadası and including these highlights - Ankara - Atatürk's Mausoleum, Ephesus - UNESCO Heritage site, Göreme - UNESCO Heritage site, Istanbul - Hippodrome, Istanbul - St. Sophia Museum, Konya - Alaeddin Mosque, Pamukkale - Calcium Travertines - UNESCO Heritage site, Sagalassos - Ancient Site, Site of the Temple of Artemis, Fez Travel have a wide range of tours covering Turkey and operating every day of the year Turkey's geographical location between Europe and Asia means it has been a crossroads of civilisations for thousands of years.Turkey has seen incredible civilisations, empires and people which have left their mark widespread across this magical country. From popular Ephesus, to the famous site of ancient Troy, all the way to recently discovered sites such as Aphrodisias and Assos, with its. Ancient Cities Of Turkey added 22 new photos to the album: Amasra Archeological Museum. January 30, 2015 · It has been felt as an obligation to establish a museum in Amasra, as this city is a centre of archaic settlement and rich in terms of historical monuments THE ANCIENT HISTORY OF TURKEY. By Tim Lambert. Catal Huyuk. Catal Huyuk was one of the world's first towns. It was built in what is now Turkey about 6,500 BC not long after farming began. Catal Huyuk probably had a population of about 6,000. In Catal Huyuk, the houses were made of mud brick. Houses were built touching against each other Ancient Turkey is a much needed resource for students and scholars, providing an up-to-date account of the widespread and extensive archaeological activity in Turkey. Covering the entire span before the Classical period, fully illustrated with over 160 images and written in lively prose, this text will be enjoyed by anyone interested in the archaeology and early history of Turkey and the.

This article discusses the history and cultures of ancient Anatolia beginning in prehistoric times and including the Hittite empire, the Achaemenian and Hellenistic periods, and Roman, Byzantine, and Seljuq rule. For later periods, see Ottoman Empire and Turkey, history of. Ancient Anatolia Prehistoric cultures of Anatolia. Anatolia may be defined in geographic terms as the area bounded to the. Students of antiquity often see ancient Turkey as a bewildering array of cultural complexes. Ancient Turkey brings together in a coherent account the diverse and often fragmented evidence, both archaeological and textual, that forms the basis of our knowledge of the development of Anatolia from the earliest arrivals to the end of the Iron Age

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Turkey in Asia 1 : 1500000 In: Treaty Series No. 12. 1920. Tripartite Agreement between the British Empire, France, and Italy respecting Anatolia. August 10, 1920 War Offic Turkey. United Arab Emirates. Yemen. Now. Inside Jordan. is interrupted only for a moment with overlaid voices of market-goers from the past echoing off the stone of the souk's ancient walls.. The ruins of ancient Side are among of the most spectacular that remain in the modern world and showcase hundreds of years of Greek life in the Roman Empire.. Its coastal location made Side a desirable trading port and, despite the prominence of piracy, Greek settlers flocked to the city around the sixth century BC A view of the ancient city wall surrounding the Midterranean city of Anlanya, Turkey. the 1920s to the 1980s, the state owned many of the major manufacturing, banking, and communications companies

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Turkey Ancient Ruins: See reviews and photos of 10 ancient ruins in Turkey, Europe on Tripadvisor Turkey is home to some of the most impressive ancient ruins in the world. These historical sites range from ancient Greek towns to Imperial Roman capitals of wealth and power. If you're planning on visiting Turkey these places of myths, legends, and history are a must-visit Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Part of ancient Turkey. 5 letter answer(s) to part of ancient turkey. IONIA. region of western Asia Minor colonized by ancient Greeks ; Other crossword clues with similar answers to 'Part of ancient Turkey' Aegean region Aegean Sea regio

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Ancient Ephesus in Turkey's Aegean. The ancient city of Ephesus takes its visitors on a historical journey dating back to 7000 B.C. with traces of different civilizations. (Photos: Alamy) ALL PHOTOS. Flamingos of capital Ankara. 2,000-year-old fountain in ancient city of Laodicea to be restored The city of Ancient Troy, Turkey was built at a strategic point on the Dardanelle strait, which connects the Aegean Sea with the Black Sea. Troy forms a basis for Homer's Iliad, written some 500 years after the Trojan War. Ancient Troy holds a unique position in history, literature and archaeology. Ancient Troy Top Five Ancient Sites in Turkey Posted on April 2, 2019 by By OTG Team Whilst Greece often steals the limelight as the home of historic sites and ruins, it's certainly not the only destination in Europe to get a taste for ancient history

The crossword clue 'Region of ancient Turkey' published 1 time⁄s and has 1 unique answer⁄s on our system. Check out 'Newsday.com' answers for TODAY Derinkuyu: (Underground City). Carved from the living rock, Derinkuyu is one of five. inter-connected underground complexes with a total estimated capacity of 100,000 people.. The historical region of Cappadocia where Derinkuyu is situated, contains several historical underground cities, carved out of a unique geological formation, many of which were largely re-used by early Christians as. Pergamum, ancient Greek city in Mysia, situated 16 miles from the Aegean Sea on a lofty isolated hill on the northern side of the broad valley of the Caicus (modern Bakır) River. The site is occupied by the modern town of Bergama, in the il (province) of İzmir, Turkey. Pergamum existed at leas Please find the possible answers for: Region of ancient Turkey crossword clue.This clue was last seen on Newsday Crossword February 19 2021 Answers.In case the crossword clue solution that we have shared below with you is not accurate then we highly recommend you to use our search feature because same clues might have different answers

Turkey is full of history, from the Roman empire, to the Ottomans, to gaining its independence as its own country in 1923! One way to learn the stories of Turkey throughout its history is by visiting some of its ancient ruins, and to help you plan which ones to visit, here is a list of the best anc Sep 2, 2016 - Explore Paula Sanders's board ANCIENT: Turkey, followed by 412 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about ancient, ancient civilizations, ancient ruins There are hundreds of ancient ruins in Turkey that provide a fascinating insight into one of the most influential regions in world history. Here is our selection of the most awe-inspiring sites, each with a unique story to tell. by Paul Heal

Ancient Man and His First Civilizations Anatolia (modern Turkey) As is obvious, the purpose of this site is to counter the absurd assertions (just plain lies really), of Whites that they (Whites = Central Asian Albinos) played any part in the creation of Mans original Civilizations; much less, were the actual founders of those civilizations Mysterious monolith appears near the ancient alien site of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. Picture via Youtube video. Suggesting that the 'monolith madness' which gripped the globe late last year is not quite over yet, a rather sizeable new piece recently appeared in Turkey near the famed ancient site Gobekli Tepe NB: Ancient name: Modern name: 3101: Sigeion near Cape Sigee: promontory NW of Kumkale, the port may have been located in a plain, now silted up by R Scamandre (R Karamenderes) somewhere between Sigeum and Kumtep Ancient Superhighways: 12,000-Year-Old Massive Underground Tunnels From Scotland To Turkey AncientPages.com | July 19, 2015 | Featured Stories , News , Underground Worlds Ellen Lloyd - AncientPages.com - Across Europe there are thousands of underground tunnels from the north in Scotland leading all the way down to the Mediterranean Blaundos Ancient city is located 40 km away from the Western Turkish city of Uşak, which is a part of the Aegean area of Turkey. Blaudus was established by the Macedonians, who stayed in Anatolia after Alexander the Great's military campaign in the area

Side is a city on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey.It includes the modern resort town and the ruins of the ancient city of Side, one of the best-known classical sites in the country. It lies near Manavgat and the village of Selimiye, 78 km from Antalya in the province of Antalya Of Turkey's hundreds of ancient cities and classical ruins, Ephesus is the grandest and best preserved. A Unesco-listed World Heritage Site, it's the best place in the Mediterranean to get a feel for what life..

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Best ancient cities in Turkey spread all over the country. I suppose if we made a list of holiday places in Turkey, it would contain almost similar spots. Some of the ancient cities are very close to the beaches and allow you to experience cultural tourism and sea tourism together In ancient sources, Philadelphia was known for housing a number of temples and in A.D. 17 it was destroyed by a devastating earthquake. In Revelation 3:12, the believer who overcomes is compared to a pillar (stability) in the temple of God, and on him/it three names will be written — compare the names inscribed on the columns of the temple of Zeus at Euromos This housing construction project may have uncovered the biggest hiding place ever found in Turkey, an incredible underground city hidden for more than a thousand years. Built to protect the ancient inhabitants, the underground cities gave thousands of people shelter to live their lives in total secrecy. What archaeologists and historians found when they started exploring still has them. The Great Theater, with an estimated 25,000 seating capacity, is believed to be the largest in the ancient world. It was used initially for drama, and later for gladiatorial combats. Thanks to the lovely cats for leading us all the way to explore wonderful Turkey! Should you have any questions about Turkey tour, welcome to contact us at at any. In general we will limit ourselves to the area within the borders of modern-day Turkey. 2. To construct a comprehensive archive of information and photos of the ancient road fragments, bridges, mileposts, and other associated structures which are still extant or which were noted by modern travelers. 3

Aphrodisias, Ancient Ruins in Turkey: The Lost City of Sculptures . Alоng with my personal guide, I hаd аrrіvеd in Aphrodisias, the city of sculptures, сrеаtіvіtу, ancient ruins and a story of how it dоmіnаtеd one man's life nеаrlу 500 years after it fell іntо oblivion Ancient Turkey tour is the discovery of world history in a shell. Along the magnificent Aegean Coast, a 4000 year old treasure of history, architecture, culture still breathes. Turkey Civilizations have existed and thrived. Geographically and literary in every way, Turkey has been stuck between Asia and Europe

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Be lured by the ancient town of Ani, Mount Ararat and Noah's Ark, the walled city of Diyarbakir, Mount Nemrut and Göbekli Tepe, the world's first temple. Discover spectacular scenery, ancient civilisations and the many Biblical sites of Eastern Turkey Ancient Turks also considered Earth-Waters (Yer-Su) sacred. The belief in Yer-Su related to the mountains, forests, rivers etc. and this later transformed into a Cult of Homeland. Through history, the Turks also respected fire and saw within it a cleansing and sacred power After the half-hour drive from Batman in south-east Turkey, the ancient city of Hasankeyf, which sits on the banks of the Tigris River, appears as an oasis.. Hasankeyf is thought to be one of the. An elegantly written account of Turkey's history by one of the greatest living authorities on the subject. . . . The historically minded visitor would be well advised to pack this beguiling book.--British Archaeological NewsSeton Lloyd's lively account of Turkey's early history is for the increasing number of people visiting the ancient sites of this fabled land A major port in ancient Pamphylia and occupied by Alexander the Great in 4th century BC, Side today is a picturesque town of classic ruins and modern day resorts overlooking sandy white beaches. Located on Turkey's Mediterranean Coast in the Antalya Province on a small peninsula, Side offers fantastic sightseeing, nightlife and outdoor adventure

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A local farmer discovered this stone half-submerged in an irrigation canal in Turkey. Inscriptions on the stone, dating back to the 8th century B.C. told the story of an ancient lost civilization. August Vinchon, Diagoras Carried by his Sons After Olympic Victory, 1814. Credit: Wikimedia Commons/ Public Domain. A 2,300-year-old tomb in southwest Turkey—once revered as a holy Islamic site—turns out to have been the tomb of ancient Greek boxer Diagoras.. Local people in the Marmaris district of Turgut thought the unusual hilltop pyramid tomb was the burial place of a holy figure. Ancient Lands and Their Current Names. Have you ever read some of the places in the Bible and wondered where they were located, today? It only takes a few moments to realize there are places mentioned in the Bible that we cannot find on a map, today

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2,200-Year-Old Stunning Mosaic In Ancient Greek City Of Zeugma. In the ancient Greek town of Zeugma, it actually located in Turkey, three new mosaics have been discovered. The mosaics dating from the 2nd century BC are exceptionally well preserved, but they're still as beautiful as the first day Time Travelling Through The History of Ephesus Ancient City. Adam Nemeth says that he imagines himself as a time traveler who visits ancient Rome cities. However, the Hungarian virtual reconstructionist has never come to Turkey. He made studies on Ephesus over the data. The artist took the work of reviving Ephesus from a Spanish publisher Pergamon does not always receive the attention it deserves. Our full-day tour is designed to change that and reveal the marvels of medicine that Pergamon gave to the ancient world. The first stop of the tour will be to the ancient acropolis before moving on to the 2nd-Century Red Basilica after which we will break for lunch at a nearby restaurant Tags: DNA, Kinship, Konya Turkey, Settlers, Turkey More From Ancient Pages Rare Minoan Sealstone Is A Miniature Masterpiece Unearthed In 3,500-Year-Old Tomb Of Powerful Mycenaean Warrio Turkey Timeline BCE. 1600 - The Hittite Empire forms in Turkey, also known as Anatolia. 1274 - The Hittites fight the Egyptian army under Ramesses II at the Battle of Kadesh. 1250 - Traditional date for the Trojan War which was fought in northwest Turkey. 1180 - The Hittite Empire collapses and divides into several smaller states

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